4-Year-Old With Rare Condition Doesn't Know He Looks Like an Old Man: 'People Stare at Him'

The boy's mother admitted: "At first I even wanted to abandon him but then I realized he's a human and deserves a normal life just like any other kid."

Doctors are stumped by this 4-year-old boy's medical condition that causes him to look like an old man.

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Four-year-old Bayzid Sikder from Bangladesh was born with a host of health problems, including high blood pressure, poor liver and kidney function, urinary problems, but worst of all, his sagging skin and distended stomach causes the boy to look like an old man.

His mother, Tripty Begum, admitted in an interview with Barcroft Media, "At first I even wanted to abandon Bayzid but then I realized that he’s a human and deserves a normal life just like any other kid."

But achieving that wasn't easy. Begum said when the family goes to the market, "people will stare at him in amusement, surprise, and sympathy."

To add insult to injury, his father, Lavlu Hossain Sikder said they have a hard time affording medication, much less treatment.

But, "We are trying our best to keep Bayzid happy," his mother said.

He hasn't started school yet, but he spends his time playing with his cousins or other kids on the block.

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His neighbor, Sada Yasmin said to Barcroft Media, "When I saw Bayzid for the first time, I was scared. Now I love him, and everybody in the neighborhood loves him."

"Though Bayzid looks different from the others, he hasn't realized it yet," his mother said.

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