Come Out With Your Flippers Up! Baby Seal Named Steve Gets Busted For Trespassing

The streets are safe now that the rogue seal is in custody.

Police were swift to respond when a rogue infant seal was found underneath a parked car.

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The seal, named Steve, was taken into custody after being coaxed from beneath the car, which was parked in the Wellington Police Maritime Unit lot in Wellington, New Zealand.

When the driver returned to the car, police asked if the seal belonged to him and he said no. Luckily someone saw the seal otherwise the driver could have driven over him.

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The police posted about the situation on social media after making the streets a seal-free zone.

BREAKING NEWS: Baby seal under arrest for trespassing while cute @DomPost (Pics @nzpolice)

— Talia Shadwell (@TaliaShadwell) August 12, 2016

The seal was found near the wharf. Authorities told he seemed to be around the age at which mother seals set their young free to explore, and Steve likely got tired as he checked out his surroundings.

The pup was handed over to the Department of Conservation and is currently in their care at Wildside New Zealand.

The Department of Conservation plans to release Steve back to his natural habitat on the south coast in the coming days.

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