Family Says Recording of Missing Mother Is Voice of Man She Was With When She Disappeared

The man, Robert Carnochan, is currently sitting in an Arizona jail on unrelated charges of ID theft, weapons violations and forgery, authorities said.

The last time Sherry Rice saw her mother was more than a year ago, when she was riding into the sunset with a man she met online.

That man, Robert Carnochan, now sits in an Arizona jail on unrelated charges of identity theft, weapons violations and forgery, authorities said.

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He also is a person of interest in disappearance of Rice’s mother, Nancy Hartz, and two other women, according to law enforcement officials.

Rice said her elderly mother met Carnochan — who used the first name “Ray” — on, a dating website for people over the age of 50, and was quickly smitten.

Hartz later sold her home for cash, transferred her Social Security benefits to her debit card and took off with Carnochan in June 2015 to see the world, her family said.

“We just knew from the very beginning that something wasn’t right,” Rice told Inside Edition.

A month after her mother left, her children reported her missing when no one answered her cell phone, they said.

They also hired a private investigator, Lyle Sharman, who was able to track down the man. Rice helped him come up with a list of questions only her mother would know the answers to.

On the phone, Sharman posed the questions, which ranged from “What’s the name of the dog that died from smoke in a trailer?” to “What was the color of the Dodge Charger you drove?”

The last was a trick question, Sharman said, as Nancy never drove a Dodge Charger. But the caller replied, "bluish-green."

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And when Rice heard the voice of the woman who was supposed to be her mother, she knew instantly that wasn’t her mother at all. She believes the voice belongs to Carnochan.

Local authorities would not comment on Carnochan’s case and the missing women.

“I think he is nothing but pure evil,” Rice said.

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