Dick Van Dyke Breaks Into Impromptu 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' Performance at Denny's

The acting and musical legend gave fans an additional treat that wasn't on the menu.

When customers went out for breakfast at a Los Angeles Denny’s recently, they didn’t expect a side order of Dick Van Dyke's musical stylings.

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The 90-year-old entertainment legend broke into "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" as he ate breakfast Friday morning with his a cappella group, The Vantastix, which has a new album out, Put On A Happy Face.

The Mary Poppins star went to Denny’s after appearing on Good Day LA to promote an upcoming concert with the group. The actor apparently loves the grits there.

Customers inside the establishment were so surprised that many whipped out their phones and began recording the impromptu performance.

The Diagnosis Murder star has come to be known for his spontaneity.

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He has been seen dancing around in a clothing store.

He's busted a few moves on the street in a fancy suit.

He even swing his hips around some crock pots.

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