I Have a Bad Feline About This: Man Held Hostage by Nasty Cat in Viral Video

Drew Alexander was one unlucky houseguest when he was trapped in a bathroom by the kitty.

One darn cat let a particular houseguest know who was boss by trapping the visitor in a bathroom with the help of shrieking meows and a cold stare.

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Drew Alexander was staying at a friend's house when he encountered the meanest cat in America.

“I just backed up and he cornered me back into the bathroom,” he told Inside Edition. “He let me know I was not welcome.”

The cat, named Toulouse, apparently doesn't like strangers.

To escape, Alexander said: “I started throwing toiletries out of the bathroom to the other side of the room to distract him [and I] finally slipped out.”

The video of the incident was actually shot two years ago but has now gone viral after making the rounds on social media.

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"We're cool now," Alexander said. “We've hung out and he lets me pet him but he still won't let me in that room. It's his favorite room.”

Cat behavior expert Rita Reimers watched the video and told Inside Edition: "Ideally what I would have done in that case was sit down on the floor and encourage the cat to come over by me in his own time. Let him take his time and give him a reason to come towards you."

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