Children's Choir Brings Disney Princess to Tears With Powerful Performance

The moment came as the African Children's Choir recently made an impromptu trip to Disneyland amid their first U.S. tour.

A choir’s trip to the happiest place on earth became magical following an enchanting encounter with a Disney princess.

The moment came as the African Children’s Choir recently made an impromptu trip to Disneyland amid their first U.S. tour.

Along the way, the choir decided to pay a surprise visit to one of the theme park’s beloved characters.

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Princess Belle, of Beauty and the Beast fame, was so shocked and touched by the children’s sweet voices that she broke character, unable to hold back tears.

“It was the choir’s fun day out at Disney,” Eva Nalukwago, the choir’s chaperone, told “Belle cried but she wasn't the only one; everyone was emotional.”

The children, who are a part of the 45th ensemble in the program, are from underprivileged communities in Uganda.

“They were amazed at how well the children sang with confidence, joy and beautiful harmonies,” said Nalukwago.

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Founded by Ray Barnett, the African Children’s Choir was created to spread awareness of injustice in the country and around the continent to create music that tells tales of dignity, hopefulness, and faith.

According to public relations manager, Lydia Sherwood, the children of the choir have performed in many different areas around the world including the Pentagon and the United Nations.

The choir’s rising success provided several orphaned children with homes and literacy schools.

The African Children’s Choir so far has educated more than 50,000 children during their 20-year history.  

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