Donkey Gets Rescued After Being Found Trapped in 2 Feet of Sewage

The donkey was stuck in the septic tank for 24 hours.

Animal rescuers in India rushed to action after they received a call that a donkey was trapped in a septic tank under a house.

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The donkey, which rescuers say was trapped for 24 hours, found a way to get in to the tank through a small hole in the ground. It remains unclear how the full grown animal could fit through the hole.

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived at the scene, they saw that the hole was too small to pull the donkey out of it. So a crew got a jackhammer, picks and sledge hammers and broke the thick concrete to make the hole bigger and save the animal.

After several hours of work, the rescuers were able to get down in the hole. They wrapped a blanket around the cold donkey that was in about two feet of raw sewage.

By creating a homemade pulley system, they were able to lift the donkey out of the hole and brought it to dry land.

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They transported the donkey in an ambulance and brought it back to Animal Aid Unlimited India headquarters.

The jubilant donkey was so excited to be clean and free inside the compound that it rolled around and played with some of the staff members.

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