Baby Ends Up Drenched in Nutella After Trying It For The First Time

After turning away for a moment, the next thing Australian mom Mel Watts saw was little Indie with her big sister's treat splattered all over her face.

This baby is channeling our inner child.

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Ten-month-old Indie, of Australia, was left in her high chair as her 3-year-old sister Ivie was enjoying a container of Nutella.

Their mom, Mel Watts, turned away for one moment and the next thing she knew, little Indie had her big sister's treat splattered all over her face.

"That's Nutella," Watts could be heard saying to her infant on her YouTube video, Mel and Nolan: "Do you like it?

Little Indie responds with a cheeky giggle as she continues to rub the hazelnut spread all over her face and hands.

But, as Watts takes the empty container away, Indie begins to cry and squirm, leaving Nutella handprints all over her high chair.

"You're not having any more!" she insisted.

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To concerned parents, Watts assured her daughter was fine after being accidentally given her older sister's treat.

"Thankfully it didn't flare [her eczema] back up," Watts wrote in the comments.

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