It's All Greek to Me: Oddball Sorority Recruitment Video Takes Internet by Storm

The video shows the sorority members of Alpha Delta Pi stacked on top of each other while clapping excitedly.

One sorority recruitment video has sent the Twitterverse into a tizzy due to its intense and sometimes off-putting choreography.

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The viral video shows giddy sorority members of Alpha Delta Pi from the University of Texas at Austin stacked on top of each other, excitedly clapping and chanting.

In the video, three women identified as Maddie, Haley, and Jean-Marie introduce themselves outside their sorority house. Then, they open the doors to reveal the entire organization of women stacked on top of each other while performing an intense choreographed chant.

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The tradition is called door stacking and it's designed to welcome visitors.

The video was released Wednesday and Twitter users are ripping apart the overly enthusiastic tone.

“This is terrifying. It makes me want to cry,” one person wrote.

“They really did just open the gates of hell,” said another.

One woman wrote: "Finally watched that Alpha Delta Phi sorority video and I will now struggle with a fear of opening doors." 

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