Best Fur-ends: Adorable Lion Cub and Spunky Sea Otter Play Game of Cat and Mouse

These two are unlikely best friends.

They may be on different parts of the food chain, but this lion cub and a sea otter have become instant, inseparable best friends.

Bosu, the 3-month-old cub, loves spending time with Kappa the otter. The unlikely dynamic duo met when Bosu was only 2 months old.

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Both animals were brought to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Florida at a very young age.

Bosu was donated to the conservation by Myrtle Beach Safari while Kappa was acquired from an exchange program, Nurtured by Nature.

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According to Frances Ramos, a public relations specialist for the wildlife foundation, the four-legged friends often play in an animal encounter room where guests can visit and interact with them.  

“We let the animals play so they can become better acquainted,” Ramos told “It is safe for the otter to be with the lion because there is also supervision around.”

Although the two wouldn’t cross paths in the wild, thanks to the volunteers at the conservation, Bosu and Kappa can chase each other’s tails to their heart’s content.

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