Couple Climbs World's Tallest Construction Site Without Harnesses: 'I'm Not Afraid of Getting Caught'

Ivan Kuzenetsov and Angela Nikolau traveled to Tianjin, China, earlier this month to scale the Goldin Finance 117, also known as the China 117 Tower.

This couple is taking their relationship to new heights.

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Russian adrenaline fanatics Ivan Kuzenetsov, 22, and Angela Nikolau, 23, have spent years traveling the world to free climb some of its tallest structures and now they've scaled their greatest yet.

In the past, they've climbed landmarks that include the Sagrada Familia in Spain, the Shanghai Tower in China and the Eiffel Tower in France.

The pair recently became a romantic couple, and Kuzenetsov and Nikolau decided to celebrate by becoming the first people to climb the world's tallest construction site, the Goldin Finance 117, which is also known as the China 117 Tower.

And according to Travel Ticker, which helped organize their romantic getaway, the couple didn't even bother to pack their safety harnesses.

"They enjoy the thrill of this sport, the adrenaline it gives," Travel Ticker's Dovile Miller told "Of course, they have to be extremely cautious while doing these. After all, they're extremely high off the ground."

Kuzenetsov and Nikolau traveled to Tianjin, China, earlier this month to scale the tower.

Construction for the building is estimated to be completed in 2018 or 2019, and will surpass the Shanghai World Financial Center as the second tallest building in the world at 117 stories high.

"I did this to prove [to] myself that I can do this," Kuzenetsov told

He said to prepare for the trip, they double checked around the area of the construction site to come up with a plan to bypass security.

"Yes, it was illegal to climb," Kuzenetsov clarified. "We didn't have permission to do this climb."

But, in Travel Ticker's footage of the experience, he and his girlfriend made it to the top, and even took a moment to hold hands and enjoy the scenery from the top of the crane hanging off the summit of what will become the tower.

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"I always climb to the top if I'm fully confident with my abilities," Kuzenetsov said. "I'm not afraid of getting caught."

While the man said the next skyscrapers he plans to scale will remain a secret, he hinted that he is looking forward to visiting Canada, Japan, Malaysia and even the U.S.

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