When Camels Attack: Girl Reveals Scar After Camel Bit Her During Party at Virginia Safari Park

YouTube is full of camels getting aggressive with humans.

An 11-year-old girl has reported received $155,000 in a settlement from a Virginia safari park after she suffered a ghastly injury when she was attacked by a camel in May 2015.

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Madison Holland was hospitalized for three days when she was bitten in her forearm while attending a birthday party at the Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge.

She was riding inside a wagon and according to her lawyer, was not trying to feed the animal when it attacked.

Holland will reportedly get $10,000 from the park when she turns 18, followed by $1,000 per month for 14 years after she turns 21. Interest added over time will also increase the payments.

Nearly $40,000 will go to medical and legal expenses.

Many safari parks in the country allow visitors to drive their cars or sit on wagons to go through the property. Some are permitted to feed the animals with food supplied by the park.

But camels have been known to attack humans and are not as friendly as popular belief suggests. Incidents on YouTube show how the seemingly friendly camels can attack unprovoked. 

In 2011, a Virginia TV reporter was doing a live report from an exotic animal farm when a camel leaned and tried to take a bite out of her hair. She wasn't hurt.

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In 2013, a camel inside a drive-thru zoo in Kansas City, Missouri, thought a little girl inside a vehicle looked delicious when she tried to feed the animal. It tried to bite down on the girl's head, luckily, her father pushed the camel's head away before the animal could do any damage.

Animal expert Corbin Maxley told Inside Edition "When you are feeding these animals, anything with a mouth can bite. Sometimes these accidents can occur." 

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