Toddler Who Survived Under Capsized Boat Reunites With Rescuers: 'You Saved Our World'

Kennedy is lucky to be alive after surviving the ordeal.

The little girl who miraculously survived in an air pocket under a capsized boat after it overturned in Florida has reunited with her rescuers.

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Tammy and Brian Bossard, the parents of 23-month-old Kennedy, expressed their gratitude as the rescue team from the Cocoa Beach Police Department who saved the young girl’s life visited her at their home.

Brian told Capt. Alan Worthy and Sgt. Mike Dellatore: "You saved our world."

The officers also shed light on the rescue effort that thankfully had a happy ending.

Dellatore said that the little girl "stayed in the boat and her life jacket kept her afloat." 

Worthy added that he put his ear to the boat and heard her tapping from the inside of the boat. 

The family was on the vessel near Orlando with their daughters, Kennedy, who's almost 2, and Charlotte, just 9 months.

Their boat hit something in the water Saturday night, possibly an underwater power cable, and flipped over.

They grabbed the baby and pulled themselves on top of the overturned boat but Kennedy was nowhere to be seen.

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Tammy, whose cell phone was surprisingly working, called 911 and said: “I'm on top of the boat and we're trying to find our other one. I think she's under the boat. We're totally flipped upside down.”

When rescuers arrived, they searched the dark waters for the little girl, who was wearing a life jacket. Finally, Kennedy was pulled to safety and survived by finding a pocket of air under the boat.

"We just kept praying. Praying on the boat, holding hands, praying to God," Tammy told Inside Edition. 

Kennedy spent two days in the hospital recovering. She was sent home Monday. 

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