There Goes the Neighborhood: Smiling Gator Takes a Leisurely Stroll on Residential Streets

Animal control and trappers were not called to the scene.

Move along folks, nothing to see here. It is just an alligator taking a leisurely stroll through a Florida neighborhood.

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Randy Spencer, a resident in Land O'Lakes, Florida, was checking his mail Monday afternoon when he saw something peculiar walking around – a gator.

“I was slowly backing up thumbing through the mail and heard something move, I turned around and he was right there in my neighbor’s driveway about 5 feet away. Somehow I didn't see him till then,” he said. “No kids nearby as it was during school hours but they play right there all the time.”

The alligator "smiled" as he strolled around the property in Pasco County.

Spencer told that the gator, which was about 7-and-a-half feet long, was sitting in a neighbor’s driveway when he first saw it. The reptile then decided to head to the grass and walk between a couple homes.

Spencer did not disturb the beast, but he did film the gator as it walked around.

He captioned his video with “Walking up my neighbor’s driveway and in between the houses.”

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“I was not scared,” Spencer told “[I was] just surprised... It's Florida and I’ve seen plenty of gators but not one that large sunning itself in a driveway so far from the water.”

No trappers or animal control were called and the gator just went along its merry way to a swampy area about 75 yards behind the homes.

“He got up, decided to high walk between the houses back to that swampy area after I watched him for a couple minutes,” Spencer said.

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