Cher Rips Into Donald Trump at Hillary Fundraiser: 'He's a F***ing Idiot!'

Cher compared Trump to Hitler at a fundraiser in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on Sunday.

Donald Trump has a new nemesis and it's not a political opponent.

It's Cher.

In a viral video that's taking Facebook by storm, the singer/actress is seen tearing down The Donald while addressing a jubilant crowd at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

"I just think he's a f---ing idiot," Cher said in the profanity-laced diatribe. "I think if breaking news ever happened and he had to go to the podium, we would just all go, 'f---'."

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Cher also said she first thought to compare Trump to a despot like Hitler or Stalin, before deciding an evil little blonde girl felt more appropriate.

"He's so Patty McCormack, consummate liar, doesn't care who she hurts, insane," she said to a laughing crowd in reference to The Bad Seed, a 1956 thriller about a smiling, pigtailed little girl with a dark side.

"I just wish he'd fall off the face of the earth," she said.

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Cher isn't the only celebrity hoping to stamp out Trump and lift up Hillary with their star power.

On the other side of the country, Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel hosted a star-studded fundraiser for Clinton at their Los Angeles home Tuesday afternoon.

Guests had to pony up $33,400 in order to get in to the "closed press" event. Also in attendance were Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Tobey Maguire, and 15-year-old millionaire heiress Maya Henry. 

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