Pit Bull Shot and Left For Dead Walks Again Thanks to Vets: 'She Started Dragging Herself to Me'

The dog disappeared for a few days and later turned up near a creek.

A pit bull is walking for the first time in a month thanks to veterinarians performing a lifesaving surgery on the pooch after it was found shot in the leg.

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The dog, named Star-Berry, went into the woods near its master’s property in Virginia and never returned.

After 2 days of searching, Star-Berry’s owners discovered the 1-year-old pooch near a creek with serious injuries.

The dog’s owner, Kelly-Brooke Ernst, told Newsplex: "The one vet tech said, 'that's a bullet hole, she's been shot.'"

The vets said that a 9-millimeter bullet went through her right leg and expanded, causing her hip, pelvis and right leg to shatter.

It is unclear whether the bullet was intentionally fired. The shooter is also unknown.

The vets at Virginia Veterinary Specialists did everything they could to care for the dog.

"I was crying out of happiness, but at the same time I knew something was wrong," Ernst told Newsplex. "She started dragging herself to me with her front paws and her whole backside was just dragging."

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The 84-pound dog had a few surgeries and was eventually repaired by Dr. Jason Wheeler.

“A dog that size that can't walk has no quality of life,” he said. “She certainly had severe injuries and we were able to repair those to get her up and moving again."

Star-Berry now weighs 67 pounds and is walking on all of her legs. She is able to go for walks but cannot yet jump or run.

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