Racy Skins Draws Protests from Parents

MTV's new show Skins is sparking outrage and the network is coming under fire for airing what some are calling akin to child pornography. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Some parents are calling the new hit TV show Skins the "most dangerous show" ever for kids.

It features teens showing lots of skin, having sex, drinking, and doing drugs.

The Parents Television Council has sent a letter to Congress accusing MTV of airing "child pornography."

"The show is a little bit more raw and relentless in its portrayal of teenage sexuality, alcohol use, and drug use, than any show that we've seen in primetime," says TV Guide magazine's Business Editor, Stephen Battaglio.

The Skins scandal has already caused one advertiser, Taco Bell, to pull out of the show.

Skins is a scripted series based on a hit British show. Among the show's critic's concerns: the age of the actors. Some are as young as 15!

"It definitely is a little bit taboo," Skins actress Rachel Thevenard told INSIDE EDITION. "I think it's important that we talk about it, I mean that's really the message that Skins is trying to get across, that kids are doing this."

MTV does air a "Viewer discretion advised" warning before the show.

"We are confident that the episodes of Skins will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers," said MTV.

"These episodes of Skins were completed a while ago, but MTV has reportedly gone back to the producers and asked them to tone things down a bit. They feel the show may be going too far," Battaglio says.