Boy, 5, Saves Up Allowance to Buy Lunch for Cops to Say Thanks for Keeping Him Safe

The sweet gesture was all part of William Evertz Jr's mission to complete random acts of kindness throughout his New Jersey community.

A 5-year-old boy saved up his allowance so he could treat local police officers to lunch.

The sweet gesture was all part of William Evertz Jr.'s mission to complete random acts of kindness throughout his community, his mom, Tara Evertz, told the Winslow Township Police Department in New Jersey.

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She sent an email to the department earlier this month, explaining that her son wanted to deliver lunch to the officers who keep him safe "even when he sleeps."

They took him up on his kind offer, and this week — wearing a police shirt and badge — he visited the station with Subway sandwiches in hand. He bought the sandwiches after saving his allowance over the course of a few months, his mom said.

After a warm welcome, officers showed him around the station and gave him some police department swag before driving him home in a police car.

"Williams' actions are remarkable for anyone, let alone a 5-year-old," the department said as it shared photos of his visit to Facebook. "Winslow Twp PD commends William for his acts of kindness and his parents for raising such a great kid."

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His proud aunt, Melissa Evertz, told that she wasn't surprised by his sweet gesture.

"It is definitely in his character to do something like this," she said. "He was taught from a young age to respect the police and he knows they are there to protect him. He is a very helpful young man... It made us so happy and we were so proud of him."

His good deeds are only just beginning.

His mom said he also wants to donate clothes, school supplies and toys to a domestic violence shelter, take food and supplies to a local animal shelter, and give $25 to a less fortunate family to assist with daycare expenses. 

And he hopes this won't be the last time he'll wear a police officer's uniform.

"He definitely wants to be a police officer when he gets older," his aunt added. "He loves the police because it is always brought to his attention how they are there to serve and protect."

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