Cops Replace 10-Year-Old Girl's Backpack After Hers Was Stolen From Her Mother's Car

The Arizona Diamondbacks were happy to help.

A couple of kind-hearted Arizona cops went above and beyond the call of duty to help a 10-year-old girl, with the help of a Major League Baseball team. 

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Officers Tom Gallagher and Kyle Cosner of the Mountain View Precinct in Phoenix learned that Aleksia Sandvig’s backpack was stolen, along with her books and supplies, when thieves broke into her mother’s car on August 17.

The 10-year-old had just started the fifth grade a few weeks prior and all of her textbooks were inside the backpack. The burglar also made off with other undisclosed items from the car.

Officer Cosner saw the little girl was wearing a Arizona Diamondbacks T-shirt and struck up a conversation about the baseball team.

He was amazed about how enthusiastic she was about the team and helped take her mind off the situation.

The next day, the officer contacted the team and told them about Aleksia’s situation. The Diamondbacks did not disappoint, quickly providing a brand new backpack with the team's logo on it.

Officers Cosner and Gallagher picked up the backpack at Chase Field later in the day and brought it to the girl’s home.

The Sandvigs were thrilled that the officers went out of their way for Aleksia, and the police department posted about it on Facebook.

Josh Rawitch, VP of content and communications for the Diamondbacks, told "We are glad we can help and glad it worked."

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He said that the office lives by the code of "FAWTSY" which means "Find A Way To Say Yes."

Rawitch also added that the team plans on reaching out to the family and bring them to a ballgame before the end of the season, visit the field and meet one of the players.

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