Woman Thinks She's Digging Up 5-Year-Old Time Capsule, Digs Up Proposal Instead

The time capsule was buried on a campsite on a lake, where Jennifer Storrar, 24, had been frequenting since she was a kid.

Five years ago, this Canadian couple buried a time capsule full of their favorite mementos.

But when 24-year-old Jennifer Storrar, of Ontario, dug up their time capsule earlier this summer with her boyfriend, she was shocked to find that it also contained a proposal.

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"I could not believe him," Storrar told InsideEdition.com. "He went on such a trek to do this."

She explained that when they were teenagers, she and then-boyfriend Troy Reddington, 25, put together a time capsule. They filled it with notes about their future goals and old photos, and buried it on an annual camping trip to an island Storrar had been frequenting since she was a kid.

Years later, Reddington told InsideEdition.com he remembered sitting around the campfire on another one of their annual camping trips, when suddenly it occurred to him.

When he was ready to propose, he decided that he would dig up their original time capsule, and replace it with a new one that contained a ring for her to find.

"I wanted to do something sentimental to us," Reddington said. "Something we've already done together, and something that is very personal to us."

It was in November when he decided he was ready to pop the question, but after he bought the ring, he knew he would have to wait until summer: "I couldn't get across the lake. I couldn't do anything with it in the wintertime."

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In May, as the ice thawed, Reddington put his plan into action.

He said he woke up in the middle of the night and drove for three hours to reach the campsite. Then, Reddington got into a kayak and paddled his way to the island where they camp out every summer.

"It seems like an extravagant plan, but really, I only drove three hours," he said.

By the time the sun had risen, he found a spot that was approximately where they buried their old time capsule, and replaced it with his proposal contained in an emptied out peanut butter jar. Included inside was a ring and a note with the words, "Will you marry me?"

Then, he set off for work and waited a few more days to invite her camping.

Reddington said when they made the trip to Eagle Lake, he asked Storrar, who studied film, to record the journey as they traveled by car, kayaked to the island, and found the new time capsule.

As she opened the jar to reveal the ring and proposal, Reddington could be seen in a video posted to her YouTube dropping to one knee and asking: "Will you marry me?"

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"I managed to get the words out," Reddington laughed. "[Her reaction was] definitely a staple in my mind for life."

The newly-engaged couple told InsideEdition.com they plan to marry within the next two or three years, but have already started looking into purchasing a home together.

Unfortunately, they never found the original time capsule.

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