Sydney Leathers Weighs In on Anthony Weiner's Latest Sexting Scandal: 'He's Quite the Egomaniac'

The new scandal has cost Weiner his marriage.

Sydney Leathers, who famously exchanged raunchy photos with Anthony Weiner in the past, has spoken out about the disgraced ex-congressmen’s latest sext scandal that has led to his separation from his wife.

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Leathers, who was revealed to be the object of Weiner's sextual affection in 2013 when he went under the alias Carlos Danger, told Inside Edition she is not surprised by new lewd photos of him surfacing.

Leathers said: “He's quite the egomaniac. I feel like he sends the photos 'cause he wants compliments.”

On Monday, Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin said in a statement: “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband."

The announcement comes just hours after the New York Post revealed yet another sexting scandal involving Weiner. This time, he allegedly sent an unidentified woman a lewd photo as his four-year-old son slept beside him.

Leathers said: "There's no reason to be surprised anymore. God only knows how many sexting partners he really has," she said. “It's one thing to sext, but keep your kid out of the photos. That's just a little bizarre."

Weiner was reportedly in his Manhattan apartment building when he got word from his wife that the marriage was over.

Donald Trump, who has famously mocked Weiner in the past, said in a statement: “Huma is making a very wise decision. I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him."

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Abedin stood by Weiner’s side during the scandal that derailed his bid for mayor of New York City in 2011.

Abedin is the vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president and prior to that served as the deputy chief of staff to the former secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

She is the closest, longest-serving adviser to the secretary; she has been with her for two decades.

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