Man Arrested for the 16th Time After He Allegedly Licked a Man and Tried to Bite Officer

A Portland man has been arrested on multiple charges; his mugshot collection shows his changing face.

An Oregon man was arrested on multiple charges on Tuesday after he allegedly licked a man’s face, tried to bite an officer, and climbed a tree.

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When police arrived on the scene, Matthew Medlin, 32, "jumped on the police car, damaging it, then climbed a tree and ran into a restaurant," according to a police statement.

“Employees got the man to leave the kitchen area and police were able to take him into custody after struggling to get him to the ground. During the arrest, the suspect attempted to bite one of the officers,” cops said in a release.

This was the man’s 16th arrest, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. In a series of mugshots, Medlin’s appearance drastically changes from clean-cut to tattooed, square eyebrows, face paint and black braids.

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"Officers learned that the man damaged three other vehicles and attacked a man and licked his face," the statement read. Medlin was sedated by medical personnel and taken to a hospital for a drug intoxication evaluation.

He was released from the hospital and booked on charges of burglary in the second degree, four counts of criminal mischief in the first degree, resisting arrest, attempted assault of a public safety officer, disorderly conduct in the second degree, and harassment.

He is being held on $35,500 in bonds, according to court records.

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