Puppy That Fell Off Boat Swims 6 Miles Back To Shore To Reunite With Family

When Kristin Casas, 49, realized their Belgian Malinois, Rylee, was't on the boat, she said, "the only answer was that she had fallen off the boat."

This puppy became lost at sea after he had somehow fallen off his owners' boat, but through pure love and determination, he made the treacherous journey back to the campsite to be reunited with his family. 

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Kristin Casas, 49, and her husband Edward, 56, were celebrating their 29th anniversary on Lake Michigan when suddenly, their dog Rylee disappeared.

"It took us less than 90 seconds to search the entire boat, you know the bow, everywhere," Casas told InsideEdition.com. "That panic escalated into terror because the only answer was that she had fallen off the boat."

She said every morning, Rylee swims in the lake near their home for about two hours, but she knew they were about six miles from shore, and wasn't sure she'd make it.

Immediately, they put out a mayday call, and alerted everyone else on the lake their 10-month-old Belgian Malinois had fallen over.

One of the people who received the call was a fisherman, who's wife, Lynn Fiedor, runs a volunteer group known as the Lost Dog Search Team.

"We do this every day," Fiedor told InsideEdition.com. "I was hearing transmissions over the radio and I just knew I had to help. A dog is missing, it doesn't matter."

Immediately, she jumped into action. After calling coast guards and sheriffs, she made sure everyone in the community knew to be on the look out by posting Rylee's description on Facebook, and publishing it as an ad so even more people in the area would see it.

"We reached about 22,000 people in about half a day," Fiedor said. "That's when the sightings started coming in."

Early the next morning, Casas said she received a phone call from a woman who said she might have spotted Rylee near the woods.

But rescuers would have to move fast, as the woods were infested with coyotes and wolves.

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Under Fiedor's instruction, Casas started putting out Rylee's food all the while rubbing her hands on each pellet to make sure her scent was on it, as her husband walked around the area, squeaking her toy.

"I squeaked the ball, walked 10 more steps, squeaked the ball a second time," she told InsideEdition.com, tearing up. "I heard something behind me and I turned and it was her."

Rylee, with fatigue in her eyes, was clearly happy to be reunited with her loving family.

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