Surf's Up! Playboy Playmate Paddleboards on Streets As Hurricane Hermine Approaches

The paddleboarders were seen surfing across Florida's flooded streets for fun.

Cowabunga, Hermine!

These Florida paddleboarders made the best of a rainy day when they hit the streets Thursday before the hurricane tore through the region.

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Playboy Playmate Marissa Everhart was joined by friends Tyler Kapela and Audrey Jennifer to test out inflatable paddleboards in St. Petersburg’s flooded streets as Hurricane Hermine approached.

The storm made landfall early Friday morning.

Jennifer and the owner of Caribe UP, an inflatable paddleboard company, thought it would be a great opportunity to promote and take photos with their boards in the storm with Everhart and Kapela.

“We thought they would be our partners in crime,” Jennifer said.

The surfers had asked around for a neighborhood OK for the performance.

“Everyone thought it was cool or it wasn’t wrong," she said. "We’re all pretty experienced with surfing and skateboarding so we felt real comfortable doing this. ”

While the town rebels rode through the streets during the dangerous stunt, someone ultimately got hurt. Jennifer fell and hurt her knee, but she claims the injury was minor.

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The hurricane was the first to hit the state in more than a decade when it made landfall with 80-mph winds in the early hours of Friday. As Hermine moved further inland, she weakened to a tropical storm.

"We will spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of our communities and Florida families," Governor Rick Scott said at a Friday morning press conference.

The storm is now expected to move up the East Coast, drenching the area throughout Labor Day weekend.

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