Recent Appearance of Suzanne Somers Sparks Criticism

Suzanne Somers made a recent TV appearance that left some people asking, what happened to her face? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

They're the unflattering photos of Suzanne Somers sparking nasty cracks online.

"Suzanne Somers looks really different these days," says one blog.

And the National Enquirer blares, "Bizarre New Face!"

The actress does look puffy and lumpy in the photos—a far cry from the ageless beauty the world has come to know.

The photos were taken last week during an appearance on a Canadian talk show. Somers was promoting her new book Sexy Forever which is #1 on the New York Times bestsellers list for advice books.

The twitterverse is flooded with comments about Somer's face ever since she began her promotional tour two weeks ago, with interviews on the Today Show and Fox and Friends.

Another writes, "She's reeeally close to cat-like."

The National Enquirer claims Somer's recent appearance might be the result of a "cutting-edge operation known as a stem cell face-lift" that could cost $15,000.

The Enquirer says Somers would have had the procedure in a foreign country because it's not FDA approved.

We asked Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani for his opinion. Mani told INSIDE EDITION, "She's had a lot of fat injection, and she's had just way too much of it. It kind of gives her that doughy appearance and the problem with the fat injection is that it separates the skin from the muscles, so it really can start to look unnatural and that's definitely what it does in her case."

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION a spokesman for Somers says, "Lots of people have asked Suzanne if she has done something since she recently changed her hairstyle."

Her rep adds that Somers has been using "lifewave nanotechnology patches" for years - products she sells on her website. The patches "totally detoxes the body and in doing so, the skin gets beautiful and youthful looking."