Grand Piano on Sandbar Baffles Miami

Miami residents were mystified when a grand piano appeared on a sandbar in the middle of Biscayne Bay overnight. INSIDE EDITION unravels the mystery of where the piano came from.

It was the bizarre sight that had people across the nation scratching their heads: a grand piano sitting on a Florida sandbar.

Reminiscent of a scene from the Oscar®-winning movie The Piano, the instrument was sitting right in the middle of Biscayne Bay in Miami.

So where did it come from? INSIDE EDITION has tracked down the people who say they put the piano on the sandbar.

Husband and wife filmmaking team William and Anais Yeager say they did it for a movie they're producing, featuring themselves, called Jesus of Malibu.

"It's a filming sequence, it was very thoughtfully, carefully planned," William Yeager told INSIDE EDITION.

They say they used a homemade raft to get the piano out there in the middle of the night.

The filmmakers also shot scenes with a piano in Malibu, Guatemala and Costa Rica.