Rosie Crisis: O'Donnell's Troubled Daughter Recovering After Health Scare

The two are currently working to repair their relationship after a tumultuous falling out.

Rosie O’Donnell is speaking out about her daughter Chelsea’s medical scare.

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The troubled teen was hospitalized in Long Island earlier this week after a "drug overdose,” according to published reports.

On Thursday, the TV personality posted a throwback photo of her 19-year-old daughter with the caption: “She is ok.”

she is ok ... #RealLife #chillymy

— Rosie (@Rosie) September 8, 2016


Chelsea is said to be “awake” and “alert.”

The crisis comes just as Chelsea and Rosie were repairing their mother-daughter bond after a bitter falling out.

The rift began last summer when Rosie announced that Chelsea had run away. Police found Chelsea hiding out in the attic of her boyfriend's house in New Jersey.

Speaking to Inside Edition following the incident, Chelsea spoke about her feud with Rosie and there appeared to be no hope of reconciliation.

She said she did not think she and her mother would be a family again, adding: “Just some things that have happened in the last few months I can't get over or forgive her for.”

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Two months ago, they were photographed in public together and it looked like they had patched things up.

Two weeks ago, Rosie posted a sweet selfie with the caption: “Chelsea and me - what a difference a year makes!”

They also recently celebrated the teen's 19th birthday.

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