Who Was Really Responsible For The Piano On The Sandbar

The news of a grand piano mysteriously perched on a Miami sandbar now has more than one person claiming credit for the unusual site. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Now someone else has come forward to claim responsibility for putting that mysterious grand piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay.

And this time, there's video that seems to back up his claim.

16-year-old Nicholas Harrington, claims he put the piano on the sandbank off Miami. As part of a video project to help him get into film school.

"We just put it out there to create a whimsical experience," says Harrington.

He gave INSIDE EDITION a home video showing him moving the piano from a relative's house, to his own home on the family boat.

The piano also got torched during a rowdy party at his house.

A couple days later, Harrington says, he and some others ferried the piano out to the sandbar.

Harrington says, "We rode the boat up to the sandbar and just picked it up and dropped it there. We had four guys, we could lift it up and move it around."

Nicholas's story comes on the heels of claims by the other couple, who says he and his wife put the piano on the sandbar.

Harrington insists that he's the one behind the piano mystery.

His mom says she preferred it when nobody outside their family knew how the piano got there and says, "Being a mystery to me was much more powerful."

Harrington says he plans to move the piano.