Put Me In, Coach! Curious Koala Runs Onto Soccer Field, Interrupting Match

You have heard of Pele, Maradona and Ronaldo; now meet Australia's biggest soccer star - the koala.

A curious koala looking to get in on the action of a recent Australian youth soccer match darted onto the field during the game, forcing a delay as one of the players escorted the marsupial off the pitch.

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A mother was filming her son’s game as two rival teams played their final match of the season in Noosa Heads when the koala suddenly scurried onto the field.

Maneena Roberts told UPI that the marsupial: “lightened the whole crowd... everyone was laughing and enjoying the koala.”

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The Noosa Lions Football Club, who hosted the event on their grounds, posted images of the new fan on Facebook.

The koala brought the game to a halt but quickly picked up the idea of the sport as it ran alongside one of the players, mimicking his every move.

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