DeFakeGate! Tom Brady Impersonator Takes In a Tailgate Prior to Patriots Game

The real quarterback is currently serving his four-game suspension.

Tom Brady may not be able to play for another three games thanks to his "deflategate" suspension, but he did “surprise” some fans at Sunday's game in Arizona.

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“Tom Brady” was seen hanging around the parking lot of University of Phoenix Stadium Sunday before the New England Patriots took on the Arizona Cardinals.

Fans were excited to see the Patriots quarterback, until they got a closer look.

It was actually a guy wearing a lifelike mask impersonating Brady. If they couldn't already tell, the imposter even had a shirt that said “Vacaytriots” on the front and “FakeBrady” on the back.

"Fake Brady" palled around with fans and even took a seat in the stands.

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The “Fake Brady” took social media by storm after it was posted by Bleacher Report.

#FakeBrady invades Arizona for Sunday Night Football

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 12, 2016

#fakebrady after the missed FG!

— Dan Worthington (@danWorthington) September 12, 2016

#FakeBrady really scares me (h/t: @BleacherReport)

— Chelsea Gates (@ChelseaGatesTV) September 12, 2016

Dan Worthington, a staff writer with Bleacher Report, was the man behind the mask.

Jermaine Spradley, executive editor at Bleacher Report: “It is about giving people a really cool and fun experience. I think when people first see it they are like, ‘Wait is that Tom Brady?’ Then they realize it is not and they want to have fun with it.’”  

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