Teen Hurt After His Car Hits Camel Taking a Walk in Alabama

The camel, from an area farm, was on a walk when it was badly injured. It has since been euthanized.

A teenage driver in Alabama was injured Monday when his car crashed into a camel, which was euthanized following the accident.

Allen "AJ" James Jr. was passing a deer farm in Etowah County on his way to his girlfriend's house when he says he was momentarily blinded by the high beams of a stopped truck.

"Within 2 seconds of quickly looking down and back up at the road again, he had hit the camel," his girlfriend's mother, Miranda McDaniel, told InsideEdition.com.

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The impact shattered the windshield of James' truck and badly dented his hood. Glass showered AJ's face, shoulders, chest, and arms. The camel was badly injured.

The owner of Bama Bucks, Terry Turk, was leading the camel across a poorly lit section of road when the incident occurred. 

Sardis City Police Chief James Harp told AL.com that Turk tried to get James' attention in order to get him to stop, but failed. He claimed he leaped out of the way to save himself.

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According to reports, James might have been looking at his cell phone just prior to the accident.

The 2-and-a-half-year-old camel, whose name was Casey, was taken to a veterinary emergency center after 1 a.m. on Tuesday, where vets said his chances of a recovery were slim.

Casey has since been euthanized. 

Photos on the Bama Bucks Facebook page show that Casey arrived at the farm — which also has deer, kangaroos, elk and peacocks, according to its website — while still being bottle fed.

Calls to Bama Bucks rang unanswered Tuesday.

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