Teen Dressed as a Dinosaur Wins Homecoming Queen: 'They Loved it'

A Colorado teen wins homecoming queen with a costume she bought off Amazon.

Dinosaurs might be making a comeback after a Tyrannosaurus rex won a homecoming queen title in Colorado.

But fear not, the winner was actually high school senior Sarah MacDonald, who was dressed in a T. rex costume and a yellow tutu as she received her crown.

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MacDonald wore the reptile costume that she bought for $70 on Amazon because she loves the movie Jurassic World and also wants her “best friend,” actor Chris Pratt, to notice her.

I bought the costume before school started and chose to wear it for the spirit day homecoming assembly because I thought it would be hilarious if my date and I got nominated and I was in the costume,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald and her boyfriend were up against 4 other couples in the court.

“My parents thought I was crazy but they also thought it was really funny,” she said.

Last Friday when it was time for the winners to be formally announced at the homecoming football game, MacDonald again came as dressed as a T. rex.

“They loved it,” she said talking about the students and staff. 

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MacDonald said she’ll probably wear the outfit to future basketball and football games.

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