Former Firefighter Burned on 70 Percent of His Body While Fighting Wildfire Has Found Love

Lyon was the lone survivor when his team's engine crashed after it faced blinding smoke from a giant wildfire.

Daniel Lyon, a former firefighter who survived a tragic fire engine crash in Washington state last year, has now found love.

Lyon was the lone survivor of an accident last year when his team’s engine crashed in the face of blinding smoke from a huge wildfire. A pair of sunglasses saved Lyon's vision, but he was burned on more than 70 percent of his body. 

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“All you see at that point is flames,” Lyon said. “And the intense feeling that just, your entire body was burning." 

After experiencing a rough recovery and survivor's remorse, Lyon has someone to help him move forward – his girlfriend Megan Lanfear.

They started out as casual friends before the crash, but it turned into something more. 

"[If] your friend's in a fire, or any kind of accident, you're gonna want to be there for him,” Lanfear said

Lyon says Lanfear helps him a great deal emotionally and mentally, and she's struck by the man's kindness and drive.

“After all he's been through; he still always has a smile on his face. And he's super strong,” said Lanfear.  He's a really good person. He shows me love and respect. He's the best boyfriend!"

Daniel has undergone 14 surgeries at Seattle’s Harborview Burn Center since the accident. Daniel’s dad, Dan, gets teared up when he remembers the day and the call that he received from another firefighter.

“He said it looked like Daniel came as an angel running out of the flames of hell,” said Dan.

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Lyon has been struggling to live with guilt of wondering why he’s still alive.

"Survivor's guilt is a real thing," said Lyon. “You constantly ask yourself why I am here and they're not.  Why I was given a second chance and they didn't get that second chance.” 

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