Police Care for Baby Found Next to Semi-Conscious Mother After Car Crash

Miami police say a baby was removed from custody of a woman after the child was found next to a car after the mother had crashed.

Miami officials say an infant was discovered near the scene of a car accident with her semi-conscious mother nearby, and officers were seen in touching photos offering care and support to the child.

Miami Police Lt. Freddie Cruz told reporters that officers discovered a male driver slumped over the wheel in a state of unconsciousness after the fender bender Monday afternoon. 

The infant was reportedly in her car seat when cops arrived.

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“We found the mother on the grass five feet from the car with the baby in a car seat next to mom,” Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll told the Miami Herald.

@MiamiPD responded to accident at NW 12 Av & 20 St. 2 month old baby found w/ parents unconscious poss. OD on heroin pic.twitter.com/Yc1UZ5Fyr9

— Miami PD (@MiamiPD) September 12, 2016

Officials initially said the baby girl was found inside the car with the parents passed out. However, it was later revealed she was on the roadside near her mother, who was allegedly incoherent.

Heartfelt photos released by the Miami Police Department show officers holding the infant and feeding the child with a bottle.

The unharmed baby was taken to a nearby fire station where her father picked her up that evening. 

However, the decision was made to place the girl in the care of the Florida Department of Children and Families until a hearing can be held to determine placement. 

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Hours after the incident, Miami PD tweeted photos of the baby and wrote that the parents were "unconscious poss. OD on heroin."

The mother was given the lifesaving drug Narcan, according to local reports.

The decision to post the photos came days after an Ohio police department made the controversial decision to post a photo of a child in a car with his parents unconscious and allegedly high on heroin in the front seat. 

The East Liverpool Police Department said made the decision to share the photos to draw attention to the community's dire heroin "epidemic."

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