Gator Takes a Stroll Around College Campus

The gators are pretty common on the college campus.

A Florida university had a surprising visitor Monday evening when an alligator was seen roaming around campus.

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Students at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Fort Myers campus reported seeing the gator roaming on school grounds near the library.

The library, located near a swamp, became the campus hotspot as the surprising guest strolled around.

Students posted about it on social media.

Watch your step @FGCUEagles

— Jackie Dawood (@jackie_dawood) September 12, 2016

The students say the reptile ranged in size from 4-7 feet long.

“It was probably the largest I've seen that close up. I was walking on the library lawn and heard a few students from across the lawn scream ‘look out,’” said student Jackie Dawood. “I turned to my right and saw a gator walking slowly my way. My jaw dropped and I moved out of the gator's way.”

Another student, Gypsy Sanchez said: “It was around for a while because my friend saw it on a completely other part of campus. They're usually in the lakes around campus, but I've never seen a gator that big in the lakes!”

She posted video of the gator roaming around.

Warning: Video contains graphic language.

Yo welcome to Fgcu?

— Gypsy Sanchez (@Tipsyqypsy) September 12, 2016

Campus police Sgt. Brad Lambert told that gators on the campus are a pretty regular sight.

“It is common for gators to come out of the water and sun themselves, they are never really aggressive,” he said. “They make it their home here.”

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He added that as long as students do not bother the gators, they can all coexist together. Bears and panthers have also been spotted on campus along with the gators.

The reptile eventually retreated back into the water and was unharmed.

Lambert said campus police generally coax back into their habitat. If they show signs of aggression or pose a threat, they will call Florida Animal Fish and Wildlife for assistance.

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