Cuteness Overload: Watch this Baby Panda's Series of Attempts to Roll Over

Adorable footage has surfaced of a baby giant panda attempting to roll over from its back.

Wiggle while you work!

A 5-week-old baby panda in China has become an internet sensation after he was captured wobbling from side to side in an adorable video.

A photographer at Sichuan Province Research, a panda conservation facility, was filming as the tiny giant panda twists and turns in a series of failed attempts to turn over after she was stuck on her back.

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The panda does not have a proper name yet, but is currently known as "Xidou's Baby." Mother bear Xidou gave birth to twin cubs in August. The male weighed in at about 181 grams while the female was an incredible 220 grams.

They are the heaviest newborns to have been born since they began keeping records. Usually, cubs weigh about 150 grams each.

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For the meantime, the baby brother should hand the spotlight over to his sister of taking the internet by storm with her adorable furry ways.

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