Pet Nearly Dies After Man Tosses 17 Bags of Heroin Over Fence and Into Doggy Day Care

Dog almost dies after a man threw heroin over a fence during a place chase.

A dog was nearly killed when a man being chased by police allegedly threw 17 bags of heroin over a fence at a doggy day care in Denver, the owner said.

Police identified the suspect as Cristian Manuel Ramirez. Ramirez was allegedly dealing drugs near 14th Ave and Speer Blvd. when cops gave chase. At one point, an officer saw him throw something over a fence, according to Denver7.

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A video caught the whole scene on camera. 

Garret Bishop, the owner of Bark and Play, where the heroin was thrown, said his employees noticed what had happened within seconds.

“The dog was acting more lethargic than usual and we took the dog as a precautionary [measure] and got the dog the care that she needed,” said Bishop.

Laura, the dog’s owner, said she couldn’t process the fact that her dog, Charlie, ate heroin and was at work when she got the call.

The employee saved her life," Laura told Denver7. "I know she'd be dead. I'm really happy she's not because [Bark and Play workers] were so fast-acting."

Bishop told that heroin is not uncommon in the community, but that he’s never heard of something like this happening.

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"If you want to do drugs, you can do drugs. If you want to ruin your life — if you want to sell drugs to people, sell drugs to people that want to do drugs, you're ruining their life. They chose it — my dog didn't choose it," said Laura.

Denver police said Cruz remains in jail.  

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