Paralyzed Woman Announces Pregnancy During Half-Marathon: 'I Like to Challenge Myself'

"Training wasn't easy, though, as I became pregnant and had morning sickness," said Claire Lomas, who announced she was 16 weeks pregnant during the race.

This paralyzed woman was the first person to ever complete a marathon in a bionic suit, but this time, she revisited the special feat with a special addition — she's pregnant.

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Claire Lomas, who is paralyzed from the chest down, reached the 12-mile mark of a half marathon after four grueling days in her bionic suit when she made the unexpected announcement in a video on Facebook, "Dan and I are actually very excited. I'm 16 weeks pregnant."

Lomas, 36, suffered a spinal injury during a horse-riding competition in 2007 that left her paralyzed.

While she normally relies on a wheelchair, Lomas is also able to stay active and get around using her bionic suit, which she explained takes her weight away from her feet, and supports her in moving her joints.

Although it took her 17 days to complete the London Marathon four years ago, she decided to start the Great North Run, a half-marathon, five days early.

"It was so tough," she told "I was doing double the distance I did per day on the London Marathon, and the course was hilly. It was also very warm, which made it more challenging."

But she kept her spirits raised as she held up a sonogram, and made the big announcement after four days and 12 miles.

She had originally told the public she wasn't able to train as hard as she normally does, and she's been dealing with low blood pressure, but she explained, "Training wasn't easy, though, as I became pregnant and had morning sickness."

Even so, Lomas said she trained using her hand bike in the days leading up to her race, and practiced walking in her suit. She told she also used an electrical stimulation bike to keep her legs active.

"I do it to raise awareness," Lomas said. She said she feels lucky she still has movement in her arms and has some feeling in her lower body, and hopes she can inspire others to donate to finding a cure for paralysis.

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"I also like to challenge myself," she joked. "This was certainly a challenge."

Lomas ended up being the first to finish the race, which does not quite qualify her as the winner since she started five days early.

Despite all the good news, she told that her favorite part by far is still, "the finish line!"

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