Bystanders Save Man Knocked Out After Jumping Off 173-Foot Waterfall

He said he would do it again.

A California man was rescued by two swimmers after he took a leap of faith, 173 feet off a cliff in Hawaii.

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Shiloh Shahan, 21, was recently visiting Hawaii and wanted to jump off the Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai.

In the video posted to YouTube September 3, Shahan took a deep breath, got a running start and jumping off the waterfall and into the bottom of the water. When he landed, he was knocked out

Nearby swimmers can be seen in the video coming to Shahan's aid.

When posting the video to YouTube, he said: “I did get knocked out when I hit the water and completely lost my memory for about five minutes after being pulled out of the water. If I had not been pulled out of the water by two people who I respect dearly I could have died.”

He told that jumping off the falls “felt right” and he “always tries to follow his heart.”

There are signs and fencing around the falls that warn tourists not to jump.

Addressing the two people who rescued him, Shahan said: “I hope that you are blessed immensely.”

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When he returned back home to California, he says his mother encouraged him to go to the hospital where he checked out fine.

“It was confirmed that no bones were broken and my brain was still in great condition,” he said.

He said he would do it again “if given the opportunity,” adding: “It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life to date. I would say it was worth living for.”

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