Man Gives Airfare to Homeless Woman So She Can Go Home to Her Family

'I felt bad. I don't like judging people,' the good Samaritan said.

The kindness of a stranger left a homeless woman with enough money to buy a plane ticket home.

Daniel Roose, an Australian who lives in Perth, noticed the woman standing across the street, begging for money, and “people were just walking past, ignoring her.”

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Roose, who works for a waste management company, decided to investigate.

He approached the woman, whose name is Jess, and asked about her life.

“I just felt bad,” he told the New Zealand Herald on Tuesday. “I don’t like judging people. There’s a lot behind people that no one ever knows. I feel sorry for people like that.”

 Reese held out his hand. “Come with me, I’ll sort you out,” he told Jess. On a video captured by a homeless advocacy group, the man can be seen walking to an ATM, where he withdrew $350 and gave it to the young woman.

“Jess, go home,” he told her. “You’re a good person. Go home.”

Jess was reduced to tears. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you.”

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Whether she uses the money for a plane ticket doesn’t really matter to Roose.

“It is for her, [whatever] she gets out of it,” he told PerthNow. “But getting her home could kick-start her life.”

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