Abused Dog Faces A Wall At Shelter for More Than 18 Hours

"June Cash," who was abused by her previous owner, is on his way to healing.

In a heart-wrenching photo posted to Facebook, a dog sits cowered in a corner with her face pressed up against the wall, and sitting in a pool of urine at a North Carolina Shelter.

The photo, posted by Tammy Graves, a volunteer at the shelter and Founder of the Haley Graves Foundation, a small rescue made up of solely volunteers, was taken when Graves was visiting the shelter.

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“She was in the very last kennel. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and her nose was pressed all the way in the corner. She was huddled with all four paws and she was crouched,” said Graves. “She had not moved the entire time she was there so she was sitting in her urine.”

The pit bull and Labrador mix, named "June Cash" because Graves likes Johnny Cash, had been at the shelter for 18 hours before Graves saw her.  She hadn’t even touched the food she was given the night before.

Graves quickly called a friend who trains dogs and he made it there to help little June Cash, who is about 3-4 years old, in 45 minutes.

“He got her outside and got her to eat but she was trembling,” said Graves.

June Cash had been dropped off by an owner who said they could no longer take care of her. Graves said she had scarring and other signs of abuse. She is head shy and won’t let anyone watch her eat, she said.

After testing by a vet, she was found to have heartworms, parasites, and fleas.

“She’s not had a very good life. Her collar was very tight and [the shelter] had to use industrial sheers to cut it off,” said Graves.

While Graves said June Cash has a long road ahead of her, she’s on the up and up. She’s been at the vet’s office where she has a bed and toy stuffed animal that she lays on top of because “she doesn’t want anyone to see that she likes it.”

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“She’s now laying her head in certain people's laps, and she will lick your hand but she won’t let you watch what she eats. It’s going to take her a little bit of time,” said Graves. “There are fabulous dogs in shelters who just want a home. They didn’t do anything wrong.”

June Cash is currently staying with the trainer who she warmed up to until she is adopted, which she’ll be up for after at least 3 months. And, she has no shortage of people who want her. 

"[We have received] hundreds of messages and Facebook posts about adopting her. We have received around 20 actual applications for her," said Graves. "We encourage those who are not able to see her in North Carolina to check with their local shelter. There is a June Cash in every shelter in America."

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