Mom Defends Dyeing 6-Year-Old Daughter's Hair Blue, Purple and Yellow Amid Online Backlash

"I'm always doing fun colorful hair she sees it all the time, and I have it myself so of course she's going to want it," Mary Thomaston said.

This Florida mother is standing her decision to let her 6-year-old daughter have rainbow-colored hair after she was blasted on social media.

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Mary Thomaston, a hairdresser from Panama City Beach, recently shared photos taken by Kiersten Grant on Instagram of her daughter's blue, purple and yellow dyed hair.

"I really didn't want the dark blonde anymore, so I decided to color it," 6-year-old Lyra told

Her mom added, "I'm always doing fun colorful hair. She sees it all the time, and I have it myself so of course she's going to want it."

But not everyone believed the decision was that simple.

"Sometimes we forget they’re little and not a little doll," one person commented.

Another wrote, "Oh no I would never let my baby do this [...] she can wait [until] she is older."

But, Thomaston said she pays the negative comments no mind, responding in another post: "Don't worry folks it'll wash out. She wasn't harmed in the process. [...] It's'll grow back!"

Thomaston told that in the three times Lyra has asked for her hair to be dyed, she used Manic Panic NYC's semi-permanent hair dye, which are advertised as non-toxic, ammonia-free, vegan, and temporary, despite people worrying the chemicals will harm her young daughter. 

In fact, she said the hair dye even helps her daughter embrace her individuality. 

"It helped her come out of her shell," Thomaston said. "She definitely likes to talk about it to everyone she sees, and it's really made her shine." 

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Clearly, Lyra has no plan to stop dyeing her unicorn-colored hair.

"The next hair-do is going to be galaxy," the 6-year-old decided

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