Watch Musicians Ease Tensions in Charlotte Moments After Cops Fired Tear Gas

The band was heard playing Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' as people were treated for tear gas.

There seemed to be a slight calm on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, Wednesday after three days of unrest that followed the police shooting of a black man there.

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A group of musicians were filmed singing Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” to protesters who were being treated for tear gas that was fired into a crowd by cops.

It became a turning point Wednesday after three nights of violent protests in the city following the shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott by a police officer earlier in the week.

As clouds of tear gas filled the air, Inside Edition's Steven Fabian said it became “hard to breathe.” Fabian and his camera crew fled to an embankment for treatment.

There, they saw they saw others receiving treatment and musicians in an impromptu performance to ease tensions.

Wednesday night brought on flashpoints of drama as demonstrators blocked an interstate.

The riot police formed a line, pushing protesters off the highway.

A massive crowd outside the courthouse demanded the release of video showing the shooting of Scott, something cops have so far refused to do.

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Protesters outside the courthouse chanted: “We want the tape.”

Lamont was shot earlier in the week after he got out of his vehicle. Police say he was holding a gun and they repeatedly told him to put down the weapon.

Lamont’s family claims he did not have a weapon and was holding a book.

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