The Faithful De-Carted: Mommy Blogger Speaks Out Against Kid-Sized Carts at Target

They look adorable, but some moms say the tiny shopping carts are wreaking havoc.

Toddlers in little shopping carts were filmed wreaking havoc in the aisles at Target and the big box store has ended the test. 

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Laura Rinas, a blogger from Minnesota, started the tongue-in-cheek M.A.S.T.C. (Mothers Against Stupid Tiny Carts) after her 3-year-old son ran wild with the kiddie cart during a recent shopping trip.

“Those little carts, man, with those kids behind them. Those can be some dangerous things running around corners,” she told Inside Edition.

She added: “It is like madness. If they could put anti-lock brakes system on those, like give the parent a remote, like screech them to a halt or something, I don't know, give us some lassos? We needed a solution. That was just like, those were too fast.”

Another mom took to Twitter writing, "I join Moms Against Stupid Tiny Carts. My ankles are bruised from this."

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The kiddie cart trial run lasted just a month at the store. Target has now pulled them from stores saying: “After reviewing guest and stores' feedback, we have made the decision to stop the test."

Rinas told Inside Edition: “I'm not gonna say that I’m sad because obviously it wasn't the greatest shopping experience at Target for me, but I do feel bad because I know there are a lot of people who like them.”

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