Anderson Cooper Attacked by Cairo Mob

Anderson Cooper is one of many journalists reporting from the chaos of Cairo who has been attacked by angry mobs of protestors filling the streets. INSIDE EDITION has the latest details.

Anderson Cooper describes a terrifying attack this morning in Cairo when he was set upon by a violent mob.

"The crowd kept growing, kept throwing punches and kicks, trying to grab us. We had literally a mob of people surround us. I got punched in the head probably a good ten times or so," said Cooper.

The CNN anchor says a mob of rioters chased him through the streets, punching and kicking the entire time.

"Suddenly, a young man would come up, look at you and then punch you in the face. The instinct is to try to punch back or push back, but in a situation like that, you can't because that inflames them even more," said Cooper.

Cooper and America's leading network news anchors are all in harm's way reporting on the growing chaos.

Katie Couric was hassled by angry protestors as she reported for the CBS evening news.

Lara Logan of CBS, Richard Engel of NBC and ABC's Christiane Amanpour all find themselves in the middle of a lawless battleground.

"You can feel the hatred for the Egyptian president," reported Logan in her newscast.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd just spoke with Christiane Amanpour. Amanpour said she was also attacked by an angry mob, saying, "When we got into our car, they started, the mob to surround the car, and started to kick it. One of the doors was kicked in right next to my producer."

Anderson Cooper and his camera crew say they were not seriously injured. He filed his report from the relative safety of a rooftop.

On the streets, pro-government supporters riding horses and camels—yes, camels, charged into the crowd.

One reporter describes it as, "It's been going on all day hour after hour. Vicious and bloody, hundreds injured."

It's a truly frightening place to be—something Anderson Cooper found out first hand, as he described the situation, "It was pandamomium."