Amanda Knox Is Back, and Doing Serious Soul-Searching in New Netflix Documentary

She is promoting the new Netflix documentary about the notorious murder case.

Amanda Knox has emerged from seclusion, appearing on Good Morning America Thursday to promote a new Netflix documentary about her notorious murder trial in Italy.

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The 29-year-old is doing some serious soul-searching, saying in the forthcoming documentary, Amanda Knox: “If I’m guilty it means that I am the ultimate figure to fear because I’m not the obvious one. If I’m innocent it means that everyone's vulnerable.”

Speaking on GMA, she said: “I'm trying to explain what it feels like to be wrongfully convicted that a regular person could be caught up in this horrible nightmare where they are portrayed as something they are not.”

The documentary also features her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who was accused alongside her in the 2007 murder of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher.

“I knew her for just five days,” he claims in the film.

The couple was notoriously photographed kissing outside the crime scene shortly after Kercher was found dead.

Knox is now living back home in her native Seattle. She works for The West Seattle Herald, writing a weekly column called "Amanda's View".

Her latest column is all about moving in with her boyfriend, author Christopher Robinson.

"Our intimacy advanced to the point that we decided to join forces,” Knox wrote.

She told GMA: “I'm redeveloping my relationship with the world where I am not being hunted down.”

She says she plans to devote her life to helping others who have been wrongly accused.

“I can't go back to my life, it's our moral duty to re-examine the cases of wrongfully convicted people from the perspective of their humanity,” she said on GMA. “I have healed because other exonerees have reached out to me — it's my turn to help them.”

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Knox was charged with convicted of killing Kercher and faced a 26-year prison sentence for the crime. In 2011, the conviction was overturned and she was freed.

In a final appeal in 2015, Knox and Sollecito were exonerated.

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