Tennis Hero Rafael Nadal Stops Match So Distraught Mom Can Find Her Lost Child

It's no secret that most athletes appreciate their fans, and when one was in distress this tennis pro dropped everything to help.

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal stopped a match in his native Spain Thursday so a distraught mother could find her child that disappeared from her side during the event.

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Nadal, who was playing an exhibition match in his native Mallorca with fellow Spaniard Simon Solbas against icon John McEnroe and Carlos Moya, heard the sounds of the anguished mother in the stands.

Tennis is normally a quiet sport — especially when players are serving — so the 30-year-old realized something was amiss when he heard her cries.

Nadal halted the match after hearing the mother scream “Clara!” repeatedly from the stands. The 14-time Grand Slam winner, along with his partner and opponents looked into the stands to see the upset mom.

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The crowd and security then began to help reunite the woman with her child.

After 45 agonizing seconds since play ended, mother and child were emotionally reunited. As cameras panned to Nadal, the player had a smile from ear to ear, appearing happy to see the situation resolved.

And it proved to be good karma for Nadal, who, along with Solbas, defeated McEnroe and Moya.

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