Reporter Describes Staying True to Your Faith While Getting Ahead in Your Career in New Book

Megan Alexander discovered a path to success that may surprise you.

Inside Edition’s own Megan Alexander is sharing how she became successful while remaining true to herself and her beliefs, showing that it’s possible to fulfill your dreams while following one’s own moral compass.

In her new book, Faith in the Spotlight – Thriving In Your Career While Staying True to Your Beliefs, Alexander shares how her choice to practice abstinence before marriage helped her thrive in her career.

To read an excerpt of Megan's book, click here.  

“Determine who you are for example right out a mission statement defining what and who you live for,” she said. “Find role models whether personal connections, business people or celebrities that you can learn form and look up to.”

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For Megan, that was Mark Burnett, television producer and president of MGM Television and Digital Group, and his wife, actress and producer Roma Downey. The pair produced The Bible miniseries and is heavily involved with philanthropic organizations including Operation Smile and Compassion.

Megan's book, which was published by Simon & Schuster, a subsidiary of CBS Corporation, also includes a chapter dealing with sex and Megan’s own marriage.

She and her husband, Brian Cournoyer, waited until they were married to be together.

“Because we were friends before and [he] knew what I stood for, what I was all about, what I believed in and I did of him,” she said on Fox News in 2014.

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“I want people to know it possible to thrive in your career and stay true to your beliefs,” Megan wrote in her new book.

Megan will also be doing a live signing of "Faith in the Spotlight" online 8 p.m. Monday, where she will also be answering questions.

Log onto to ask Megan a question and get an autographed book sent to you. She will also be broadcasting online from the Inside Edition newsroom from 8-9 p.m.

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