Man Says Video of Couple Writhing in the Street Shows Sad Reality of Heroin Use

A video that first appeared on Facebook has gone viral and purports to show a couple after they used heroin.

A video that first appeared on Facebook Live — and has since gone viral — purports to show the sad effects of heroin use in broad daylight.

The video, by Facebook user Courtland Garner and streamed in real time to the social media site Monday, shows a man and woman in what authorities say was a state of extreme intoxication on a Memphis street. 

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The woman in the video is slumped over backwards as the man attempts to crawl on his knees.

According to police, the two people said they "snorted some heroin" in the bathroom at a nearby Walgreens, WREG reports

Memphis Fire revived the husband and wife, who were both then taken to a hospital.

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In the video, Garner explains his reasoning for streaming the sad spectacle.

"What they were doing was children things. It was a spectacle. It made me laugh. They can help themselves," said Garner. "I know for a fact all the kids are on social media, and when kids see that video, you know what they are going to say? I don't want to look stupid like that I don't want to do those drugs."

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