Exclusive Interview with Sherri Shepherd's Ex-Husband

INSIDE EDITION has an exclusive interview with Jeff Tarpley, ex-husband of Sherri Shepherd. Tarpley recently posted an open letter to Shepherd saying he hopes she will stop bashing him on national TV. Shepherd says she doesn't think she's been unfair.

In an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION, Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband Jeff Tarpley says he wants the public bashing to stop now.

"Every morning The View comes on and she can say whatever she wants about me. It's actually hard for me to watch," he says.

"What's the most hurtful thing that Sherri Shepherd said about you on the air?" INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asks Tarpley.

"All of a sudden I'm associated with Tiger Woods and his 20 mistresses. I'm associated with Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards. It's hurting me. It's hurting my family. It's painful," Tarpley replies

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Shepherd at an event in New York City to ask her about Tarpley's request that the bashing stop; she said she doesn't think she's been unfair.

"I think we portray him in a very, very good light on my show and you know, I mean there are some facts that are just factual. You know and, they're just factual, but I say, 'Hey, let's focus on John Edwards with his mistress and Eliot Spitzer with his mistress,' we'll stay off my husband, or ex I should say," said Shepherd.

But Tarpley, an actor, wonders how he can put the past behind him when his ex uses him as material on her national talk show. There's also a character based on Tarpley on Shepherd's Lifetime sitcom, Sherri.

"The byline of the show is 'It's not just a show, it's her life,' " says Tarpley. "I go to drop my son off at school and they're calling me the name of the character on her show."

"If Sherri were here right know, what would you say to her?" Jim Moret asks Tarpley.

"You're better than that. You're hilarious. You don't need to be talking about our marriage," says Tarpley.

Despite going public with his complaints, Tarpley says he truly believes Shepherd will never stop using him as a punchline.